• Have an upcoming flight? Want to be safe? How does 99.9% safe sound? It's now possible with the Fine Guard Fly Safe kit. To be 99.9% secure on a flight, you need to protect a number of areas.

  • YOUR NOSE & MOUTH - This is why we supply you with our Fine Guard Comfort Mask, with ease of breathing and 99.9% protection against all airborne pathogens.
  • YOUR HANDS - We supply you with Fine Guard PureHands, which provides 24 hour protection IN JUST ONE PUMP. Just apply one time!
  • YOUR SURROUNDING - You don't know who was in the seat before you, and you don't know how well the plane was sanitized. We equip you with Fine Guard Ultra Wipes, which provides continuous protection against Viruses and Bacteria for up to 21 days! That's right—3 weeks! This is more than enough not only for your flight, but every flight for the next 3 weeks!

  • YOUR FABRICS - Bacteria and Viruses like Covid can land easily after someone nearby you coughs, and can live on Fabrics for several days. There is an easy solution.

We supply you with our revolutionary Fine Guard Fabric Booster which is a quick spray on your Clothes/ Furniture and provides continuous 48 hour protection!

These 4 products leave you 99.9% protected. Against Covid and in fact ANY virus or bacteria.

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