• ALL-DAY PROTECTION: PureHands' innovative Steripro Ultra technology kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses continuously, for up to 24 hours*. Just have the kids apply our hand sanitizer first thing in the morning when leaving home; and they are protected ALL DAY LONG!

  • ALCOHOL-FREE, HAND DISINFECTANT: Fine Guard PureHands is alcohol-free, non-toxic and gentle on skin. Apply Fine Guard PureHands in the morning and stay protected all day!

  • USAGE: This sanitizer foam will keep you protected from germs all day. Once applied, PureHands, will not wash off and the hands can be washed and dried as normal during the day without impacting on the efficacy or durability.

  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: If you have sensitive skin, our disinfectant foam has been designed with you in mind!

  • KID FRIENDLY: PureHands hand sanitizer foam doesn't use alcohol or other harmful chemicals to kill germs and can be used on all members of the family including little hands.

Fine Guard PureHands, thanks to its SteriPro Ultra technology, forms a long-lasting, non-toxic, antimicrobial coating that safely bonds to your skin and protects against bacteria and viruses.

The only hand sanitizer recommended by the experts of the Medical Wellness Association based in the US, for prevention of infection.

*Fine Guard PureHands kills 99.9% of germs on contact, and amazingly still is killing germs at a level of 97% at 24 hours.

 Apply Fine Guard PureHands in the morning and stay protected all day!

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